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Evan Iliadis. Stop Internet predators

Stop Internet predators

Stop Internet predators

As our daily live have merged in the computer technology where we are connected through Iphone, Ipads, laptop, computers, webpages, emails and Text messaging in about every aspect of our lives, there has emerged a group of criminals, con artist, predators and scammers bent on using this technology for the soul reason to steal our hard earned money and assets from us. 

These criminals have invaded every aspect of the internet and will use any and every means to try and ensnare a victim and steal as much money from them as possible even to the determent of the life and health of their target.

They are very often evade the consequances of their criminal actions by concealing their real identity, or when they don't they do create a parallel profile portaying themselves as cirizens in good standing by publishing on the internet businesses they know nothing about, they have never owned one, is just a facade hiding other indecent business they relying living upon.

Evan Iliadis, (me) the author of this blog and many others is investigating them for nearly 5 years now in one of the hot spots of sexpats' and scammers' destination from throughout the world, in the S/E Asia, The Philippines. 
The country Evan Iliadis has explored for living there 5 years, this country where people will smile at you, as nice or rude you foreigner can be, the country where people will call you "Sir" even you are a Vietnam war era drunkard, arrogant, most likely a worthless expat.

In turn,all you bringing  to the Philippines is just that. A corrupted life style that often fits in a certain class of the Philippines society. Like local pimps and scammers they will run to be your associates. 

t al  started the year 2009 in a Yahoo Group (now defunct) owned by an American living in Cagayan De Oro Mindanao Philippines under the name of Gordon Eletson AKA Texkano for Texas USA.
Right_Minded-Winged_Warriors. Not many members, about 50 but you could find La creme de La creme of the US veterans and others posting this kind of messages: (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Stop Internet predators

Always giving fantasist signatures like "John Wayne" Jim Carter" and many others. 

In this thread, Pottbelly 2000 refers to an argument he had with Paul Petrea, of course he was there, a "hero" member, the place where me and him had several "conversations" as well. Like this one below writing under the screen name "Noel".  (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Stop Internet predators

Inevitably the showdown began. Post after post,thread after thread, pages and pages filled with nasty exchanges of comments, personally having one thing in my agenda: Shut this group down. With the help of few others this happened a few months later. more on this here. It worth revisiting the topic. I good guide of do's a don'ts in the Philippines.

The forum mentioned above was the beginning of a long crusade against the expat and sexpat migrating to the Philippines by "Airplanes, boats, busses... and trains". I realized that everything was planed and advertised on the forums owned by foreigners for the purpose of attracting others of their specie; They needed to enlarge their community for several reasons, all suspect and not in the interest of the Philippines or my wife's Filipino family.

Gordon Eletson was living on meager retirement of $600 a month with a  complemental income of an "introduction service" trying to sell mail brides through a blog he had linked to his forum. All pictures have been deleted, many were underage.

Paul Petrea, a member of the forum was maintaining (still does)  a forum on his own of about the same style for the purpose of scamming his members and members of other forums as well.

Perry Gamsby  An e-writer selling books on the internet about Philippines. Rather defamatory, sarcastic for a husband of a Filipino woman.

Christopher Bennetts AKA Chris Bennetts An Australian Citizen Living in Cebu Philippines

Those and many others will be introduced to you prospective visitor to the Philippines, to you expat you already live there, to you Filipinos so you know who this "Sir" living near you is may be one of them.

Once you read all that you'll know why so many sexpats and criminals hate me in the Philippines. They don't like me! They want the net exclusively for them ! When some one unmask them they report "the disturbance" to Google… But Google know how to make the difference between spammers and good people fighting the evil…

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